Extra Curricular at The King's School

The King's School offers a wide range of extra curricular activities and clubs for all students across the subject areas. Whether you are into sports, creative arts or are looking to improve your ICT skills, there is sure to be a club for you. The school places a high emphasis on extra curricular opportunities with many staff dedicating their time during lunch and after school to run an extra curricular club.

Why Join an Extra Curricular Club?

There are a number of benefits to joining a club. You could get to explore your physical, creative or career interests. You might be looking to learn a new skill or develop an existing talent. Maybe you would like to meet new people or just try something different. Whatever the reason, joining a club can be very worthwhile. You will get a lot of support from staff and other students, and of course it looks good on college and job applications too!

Every Thursday lunchtime we are joined by Reverend Iain Baker and volunteers from St Thomas’ Church to investigate Christianity in the form of our Soul Club.

From exploring passages from the bible, to asking questions about faith, to creating our own timeline each session is packed full of exciting opportunities for us all to discover more.

The group meet in the Worship room, why not come along and give it a try?

For more information please contact Mr Timmis.

Download the PE timetable here:

The King's CE (A) School PE Department Clubs & Teams

NUL School Games Calendar 2017


Sports Hall

Teacher to contact: Mr Meddings 



Tuesday after school

Sports Hall

Teacher to contact: Mr Meddings/Miss Alderman



Wednesday lunch

Jack Beech Studio

Teacher to contact: Miss Alderman


Volley/Basket Ball

Wednesday lunch time

All years welcome

Sports Hall

Teacher to contact: Mr Meddings



Wednesday after school

All years welcome

Astro Turf

Teacher to contact: Miss Alderman



Thursday after school

All years welcome

Swimming Pool

Teacher to contact: Miss Alderman/Mr Meddings



Friday lunch time

Jack Beech Studio

Teacher to contact: Miss Alderma