Media Studies

Media is an option subject at GCSE level.

Much of what we know about the world is mediated through some form or another, be in television, films, newspapers or the internet. Rather than simply passively consume what the media presents us with, in media lessons, we encourage discussion, insights and ideas and questioning of the world around us and the way the media works.

Students have the opportunity to study extracts of music videos, video games, films and magazines as well as TV and radio programmes.

Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11

The OCR GCSE in media studies introduces learners to a range of contemporary media forms plus an in-depth study of one media form in each of the audio/visual, print and online media The Media course is assessed in three parts:

Textual Analysis (35%)

o   Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of media industries by investigating how the processes of production, distribution and circulation affect the media forms listed in this section.

Exploring Media (35%)

o   Learners will explore the media industry issues across the range of media forms

o   Learners will explore each media form demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework as it applies to each form

o   The three in-depth studies will enable learners to develop knowledge and understanding of the full theoretical framework and media contexts through detailed analysis of media products from three specified forms.

Creating Media – Coursework element (30%)

o   Learners will apply knowledge and understanding of media language and media representation to express and communicate meaning to an intended audience in a media production

o   Learners will develop practical skills by creating their own independent media production

o   Learners will demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis

o   Learners will recognise the fundamental relationship between theory and practice required to develop and apply their understanding of the media through both analysing and producing media products, in relation to the theoretical framework.


Students must have the ability to work independently, maturity, and a critical and curious mind. They will be given the opportunity to work in small groups, take control of important equipment, use IT skilfully and inventively and suggest and explore ideas.

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